Video Production

Collab Lab produces videos for institutions such as universities, research councils, professional bodies and laboratories to service their public engagement objectives.

The research sector is under increasing pressure to engage with the public about its work to increase transparency and bring down the ‘ivory tower’ of science. But many scientists are also under immense work pressure – the phrase “publish or perish” is all too common. This results in researchers finding little time to engage in science communication as the research is often prioritised between these two.

This is where Collab Lab comes in.

Video content is a creative, engaging and extremely popular medium in which to engage with the public. The demand is out there for online science video content. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are devoted to science. 

But the time, effort and costs involved in making a video is often intimidating and overwhelming for many people. Often there aren't the resources, skills or contacts. For this reason, most science communicators gravitate towards lower effort or lower cost mediums, for example blogging; or familiar mediums such as stalls at science festivals; and sometimes taking the leap to get up on stage. But very few make videos, and if they do, it is through traditional formats like TV or news broadcasting.

Collab Lab helps scientists and science communicators get into online video by lowering the effort required to make a video. This will provide a unique opportunity for scientists and communicators for public engagement that is not currently available. It will also connect your public engagement to new audiences.

If you are interested in commissioning us for a video project please contact us for a quote, our rates are very competitive for the industry.


Here is a project we did for Pint of Science