Collab Lab is delighted to announce that it has been selected to make a film for the Bristol Science Film Festival.

As part of a Women in STEM series, we are making a short film about intersectional feminism and its need in the scientific work environment.

To write the script of this film, we would like to draw on real experiences of sexism in the scientific workplace. We have created a form below for you to submit your stories. You may do so anonymously or you may give your name, it is up to you. You can also request to be thanked in the credits of the film (your name won't appear unless you specifically request). We would also like to interview a few people more closely, please indicate if you wouldn't mind being interviewed.

Film Synopsis

A fly-on-the-wall style film which follows a variety of women* around a science/academic work setting. A few minutes following one character, then the story passes to another via a small interaction between the previous focus character and the next. We see the small, daily challenges that these women* face and how they react. Characters and plot would be developed following interviews of real women* in science and an online survey. The entire film would be done in one take to engender the feeling of how these challenges are so constant and let the viewer step into the shoes of the characters and how many areas of their lives can be quite overwhelming.