Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our new company, Collab Lab. We are a video production and training company specialising in science communication.

You can view a video introduction to us here



Video production

Collab Lab produces videos for institutions such as universities, research councils, professional bodies and laboratories to service their public engagement objectives. The research sector is under increasing pressure to engage with the public about its work to increase transparency and bring down the ‘ivory tower’ of science. But many scientists are also under immense work pressure – perhaps you know the phrase “publish or perish”. This results in researchers finding little time to engage in science communication as the research is often prioritised between these two. This is where Collab Lab comes in. Video content is a creative, engaging and extremely popular medium in which to engage with the public. The demand is out there for online science video content. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are devoted to science. VSauce, a channel that makes primarily science and mathematics videos, has over 10 million subscribers and is the 56th most subscribed channel on YouTube. That’s more than Beyoncé. If you are interested in commissioning us for a video project please contact us for a quote, our rates are very competitive for the industry.



Collab Lab runs workshops in simple video production for schools, universities, and many more.

For schools: 

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STEM subjects are not as popular as they could be among students. This is especially true for female and BAME students. This is having a knock on effect in the industry as not enough people are entering the scientific workforce, especially since modern society is becoming increasingly dependent on science. Our video workshops combines creativity with science which inspire students to think about science in a new light. We generally work with KS3 - A level, but if you think you would like to have a workshop for your younger students, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

For scientists and science communicators:

If science communication is something you are passionate about, perhaps you have already tried making your own content in the form of blogs or talks. But making videos requires a set of skills that don’t always come naturally. We can train you in simple video production skills so that you can start making your own videos. These are generally provided via an institution, but if you are an individual contact us and we can try and team you up with some other individuals to run this workshop.

For festivals:

We run both scheduled workshops similar to the ones we provide at schools and also drop in sessions called "Be A TV Presenter!". This is an activity that takes 10 - 20 minutes where visitors drop in, write a script using prompts or information sheets provided then film it with a professional camera and microphone. We edit the video then send it to a teacher/parent/guardian.


Workshops can be tailored to your needs and can take from two hours to a full day depending on what you require, please contact us to learn more. We are also willing to offer a discount for multiple workshop bookings.


YouTube Channel

Collab Lab also has a curated YouTube channel.  If you have always wanted to make a video, but don’t have anywhere to host it or just want to try it once before committing to maintaining a whole channel, you can send it in to us and we will host it on our YouTube channel. We will publicise it on social media which will give you an audience that you might not have otherwise reached. We pay a flat fee for video submissions and the video must fulfil our specifications which you can find on our website.



Collab Lab has is run by two people: Dr Alistair Jennings and Florence Schechter. Alistair is our Creative Director and is a neuroscientist and an accomplished filmmaker, having worked with clients as varied as CBBC to academic journals. Florence is our Managing Director and an experienced administrator and science communicator.



We are always looking for good contractors to help us with our video production work. If you are a camera operator, boom operator, editor, script writer or researcher, we would love to hear from you.

We are also very keen to get scicommers involved behind the scenes of our videos as well as in front of the camera. If you would like to be a runner, please contact us with a little bit about yourself. You don’t need any experience and can come from any background.

It is unfortunate that we have to say this explicitly, but any freelance work you provide for us will be paid at the market rate.


If anything here is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to email us at or Or if you know anyone who might be interested, please send them a link to this page.


We would also appreciate it if you could check out our social media:






Kindest regards and happy scicomming,

The Collab Lab Team