Public engagement is an integral part of science in the modern world. 

Many scientists want to disseminate their findings to a wider audience or inspire the public with ideas from their field. Communicators are looking to expand into harder to reach demographics. YouTubers want to produce content relevant to today's society. But the time, effort and costs involved in making a video can be intimidating and overwhelming for many people. Often there aren't the right resources, skills or contacts. For this reason, many of those wanting to get into science public engagement gravitate towards lower effort or lower cost mediums, for example blogging. Few make their own videos.

The demand is out there for online science video content. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are devoted to science. VSauce, a channel that makes primarily science and mathematics videos, has over 11 million subscribers.

And that's where Collab Lab comes in.


A Plastic Ocean

We sat down with Jo Ruxton, the producer of the documentary "A Plastic Ocean". A Plastic Ocean is a new feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle.

Pint of Science - advert 1

Pint of Science is a festival which runs every May holding talks and events in pubs all over the world.

Magic Caramel and Banoffee Pi

How do you turn milk into toffee? Why does chocolate smell so nice? What has pi got to do with pi? Learn about magic kitchen chemistry with Tom and find out what maillard compounds are why they smell so nice.

Pint of Science - advert 2

Pint of Science is a festival which runs every May holding talks and events in pubs all over the world

An Interview with SimonOxfPhys

We sat down with the marvellous Simon Clark of SimonOxfPhys to chat about storytelling, talking about your mental health online and falling statues falling from the sky. 

How Do You Make Gin?

The wonderful Charnelle takes us to a gin bar to explain what makes gin unique. What's your favourite gin cocktail? 

An Interview with Draw Curiosity

We sat down with the wonderful Ines Dawson of Draw Curisosity to chat about that little Eureka moment, about creativity in science and about squirting bumblebees. 

Vlogging On: Part 3

This is part of a vlog series from the Collab Team. We went to gorgeous Cornwall to do some filming for the University of Exeter's Penryn campus. 

An Interview with Stated Clearly

We sat down with the wonderful Jon Perry of Stated Clearly to chat about the bible belt, choosing your audience and about our scientific culture of talking fancy. 

Why Does Popcorn Pop?

What's it got to do with starch and cellulose?? Why are oxygen and hydrogen important??? Are electrons really involved in making popcorn???? This video is aimed at chemistry A-level students.


'Halfway' is a short film about the daily struggles of women in STEM. The script was developed based on real experiences of women who work in STEM/academic environments. Experiences were recounted through interviews and the distribution of an online survey. This film was commissioned by the Bristol Science Film Festival which is supported by the British Science Association.


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Ali Jennings

Ali is a scientist, presenter and film maker - dedicated to exploring scientific ideas in the most creative way imaginable!

He has worked with the British Neuroscience Association, Crowd.Science, and CBBC amongst others.

Ali has PhD in Neuroscience from University College London, where he studied the effect of dopamine on brain cells, and he lectures at Florida State University.

His hobbies include cycling and overly gesticulating when he talks.

Contact: ali@collab-lab.co.uk

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